Nursery Rhymes


  1. I want to know where I can get the dvd so I can play it in the car

  2. all the video without subtitles?

  3. I really love your videos & songs. Well done. Fati from Brussels

  4. Great app – my baby loves it :)
    However will there be an upgrade to the app soon? So we can have more songs?
    Hey diddle diddle is the absolute favorite but we can’t watch it offline – we could if we had the to in the app :)
    Would be great if we had the choice to pay per song in the app – to have them added.
    Again – thanks :)

    • Hello! thanks for your comment. Short answer is “no” (unfortunately) we won’t be adding. Longer answer: it’s actually not “won’t” but “can’t” due to the way it’s programmed. We’ve been working on other things and hope to have more apps in the not too distant future. In the meantime we have our videos available to download here: – best wishes to you!

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