Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons Lyrics

Oranges and lemons,
Say the bells of St. Clement’s.

You owe me five farthings,
Say the bells of St. Martin’s.

When will you pay me?
Say the bells of Old Bailey.

When I grow rich,
Say the bells of Shoreditch.

When will that be?
Say the bells of Stepney.

I do not know,
Says the great bell of Bow.

Here comes a candle to light you to bed,
Good night, my sweet child, rest your tired head!


  1. When I wor a little lad, the last verse went

    “Here comes a candle to light you to bed,
    And here comes the chopper to chop off your head!”

    This was always accompanied by great hilarity all round.

    • Same for us here. It’s just most people don’t know this song outside of the UK and to hear this for the first time in 2016 is a bit much for most parents, hence us toning it down (a lot)

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