The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid! Little Mermaid!
Swam around the ocean as she played
Longed to know what was above the waves
Had to wait until her 25th birthday!

She looked around and saw a large ship
A prince stood aboard and he made her heart skip
He looked so handsome and so very brave
But then came along a massive wave!

The ship was hit and started to sink
The mermaid dived down; no time to think
She grabbed the prince’s hand so very, very tight
And got him safely to the shore that night!

“The Little Mermaid missed the prince and wanted to see him again, but how?”

The Little Mermaid wanted two legs
So she could walk, run and dance instead
She drank magic potion and two legs appeared
Her beautiful tail had now disappeared!

When she swam to the shore, who did she see?
Yes! Her prince was there but looked lonely
Staring out to sea to find the one who’d saved him
When he saw the Little Mermaid he started to grin!

They were so happy. Had a big wedding day
On the beach; mermaids watched from the waves
They lived happily ever after and they knew
Their love was so strong and very true!