Little Baby Bum Characters

Come and meet the Little Baby Bum group of Nursery Rhyme Friends!

Twinkle The Star

Twinkle The Star

Twinkle is a very caring Star. She loves to cheer people up and make sure everyone’s happy all the time. She sprinkles her magic stardust around wherever she flies and lights up everyone’s world!



Mia is a fun and caring girl who loves to play outside on her bike or take her dog for a walk whenever she can. Mia also loves going to school and learning new things. Her favourite activity is singing (really loud!) and her best friend is Jacus.



Jacus is Mia’s best friend. He’s always busy doing something! He really enjoys rock climbing and playing with his go-cart! Jacus is the best friend you can have – he’s always smiling and happy and has lots of fun every day!

Baa Baa The Sheep

Baa Baa The Sheep

Baa Baa is the explorer of the group. He loves to visit new places! If he’s not flying around in outer space in one of his spaceships he’s hunting for new and wonderful recipes as he loves to cook delicious food for his friends. He’s a fantastic chef and can bake really yummy cakes and bread!



Cow is sometimes known as Daisy. She is lovely, super kind and sweet-natured. When she’s with her friends she loves to dance. When she plays at home she most loves to play with her dolly and teddy bear!



Pig is one of the most popular LittleBabyBum friends. He’s a real character and loves to laugh…and make others laugh too! He’s known for being really kind and supportive of all of his friends. Because he’s a pig he loves to eat and sleep. But he’s not lazy…in his spare time he becomes Super Pig and helps people who are in trouble!

Incy Wincy The Spider

Incy Wincy The Spider

Incy Wincy is sometimes known as Itsy Bitsy. He doesn’t mind which one you call him! Incy is the problem solver of the group. He’s a logical thinker and can always come up with a solution so his friends will go to him if they become stuck with a problem. He’s the loveliest and kindest spider in the whole world!

Baby Panda

Baby Panda

Baby Panda is the baby of the group. Everyone loves her and wants to look after and play with her! All Baby Panda wants to do is to play, play and play some more! You’ll often see her down at the park, or simply rolling down hills!

Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald

Old Mac, as he’s known to his friends, is the busiest man in town! When he’s not tending to his animals on his farm, he’s driving buses around London! Old Mac loves to play his trumpet really loud and for an old guy can dance really well!

Little Kitten

Little Kitten

Little Kitten is adorable. She has two brothers who look out for her and make sure she’s always safe. She loves to play on the see-saw at her local park and climb trees, although she can sometimes get stuck!

The LBB Bus

The LBB Bus

Everyone knows the LBB Bus! He runs all through the town, all day long, and is always happiest when he’s got a bus load of passengers. When the bus driver beeps the horn it tickles The LBB Bus! Painted in a bright and beautiful yellow you can’t miss him! Give him a wave next time you see him!

Shoo Daroo

Shoo Daroo

Shoo Daroo is one of the naughty Five Little Monkeys. She loves jumping on her bed with her brothers and sisters. But her mummy doesn’t like it as Shoo Daroo always hurts herself! When she isn’t jumping on beds Shoo Daroo loves to eat bananas and play hide and seek with her friends!



Polly is a brilliant street dancer! She’s in the LBB Crew alongside her two best friends. Polly loves playing with her teddy and dolly when she’s at home.



Bingo is a funny little Sausage Dog! He lives with Old MacDonald on the farm. He loves nothing better than zooming around on his little scooter. Bingo is a little silly and sometimes goes too fast and falls off!

Puppy Bingo

Puppy Bingo

Yes LittleBabyBum Land has more than one Bingo the Dog! This lovely little fella also lives with Old MacDonald, but he’s only a puppy so loves to stay on the farm and play with all the other animals.



Carl is best friends with Willium and Polly. They go around everywhere together! When Carl isn’t dancing he loves to read books about planets and stars! He wants to be a professor when he grows up!

Stan The Monster

Stan The Monster

Stan is a loveable monster. Well, he’s not really a monster. He looks a little scary but he’s so friendly! Sometimes he will play a game with Super Pig where he pretends to be really big and break things… like bridges!



Willium (not “William”!) has been dancing ever since he was a baby! He spends all his spare time perfecting his moves. He loves being part of the LBB Crew and has a 3-finger “LBB” hip hop ring to prove it!


  1. Any plans to make a plush sleeping bunny? My son and I love them!!

  2. You guys need to consider making the Kittens as part of your toy lineup. They’re all so adorable.

  3. Our 6 month old triplets love LBB! Their favorite is The Three Little Kittens. Incidentally, our triplets are Boy, Boy, and a Girl, like the three little kittens who lost their mittens. We plan on dressing them up as them one day, even with LBB shirts and all.

  4. The videos are very educational. My grandchildren have learned nursery rhymes, ABC’s,colors,and numbers by constantly watching.

  5. My baby likes LLB and all the time he wants to listen your rhymes. He just started to listen at the age of 4months but now without it he couldn’t eat his meal.
    I want to make LLB his 1st birthday party theme.
    Can you tell me from where i can get party supplies?

    • check out our new website coming in a few weeks time. It will have a few birthday party posters. but other than that there are no official birthday products….yet! we hope to change this in the (near) future!

  6. My son absolutely loves the monster and I’d love to get him a toy but I saw you don’t make the monster. Are you going to be coming out with more plush toys?

  7. My son is now 7 months old and I have been watching your videos since he was maybe 3 or 4 months old – I love them! Not only are the songs and characters adorable but the videos are so detailed. I am definitely going to buy one of your plushies for him! I hope you plan to keep making more videos!

  8. Hello sir,
    How can buy poster of the characters specially Mia.

  9. Mia looks like she’s friends with the cow and jacus looks like he’s friends with the pig

  10. Hello, I am wondering if the cake toppers are available yet?

  11. Many thanks from a french baby

  12. my nephew really loves your show, It would be very nice if you name one of your character Arkadeus 🙂 your show makes him calm all the time 🙂 I’ll give you guys 2 thumbs up for making little baby bum 🙂

  13. My Autistic son loves watching

  14. My eldest daughter loves the LBB characters and songs! I actually named my second daughter Mia because I often see Mia whenever my eldest plays the videos 🙂

    • aww cute! the name Mia comes from the inspiration behind the beginnings of LBB namely our daughter who’s also called Mia! 🙂

  15. My 6 month old son loves old macdonald. He has a huge smile on his face and chuckles to it every time it comes on !!

  16. Your Videos are Great. Animation Quality, Music, everything.
    My 2 Year Son Loves it and starts rocking with “one little, two little, three little…”
    Can I expect Hindi or Indian Rhymes and stories with LBB’s creations ?

  17. Good day sir / madam, I hope you are well.

    I would like to purchase an LLB Jacus plush toy, but I don’t know where to buy one. I’d appreciate your assistance in this regard.

  18. Thank you so much for making these videos available for free so all families can enjoy. My kids are absolutely addicted! My 18 month old brings me the remote and says, “Bum! Bum!”

  19. Cute characters! My son loves this channel in youtube!

  20. I cannot thank you enough for these amazing videos. My son is 4 months and absolutely loves them. Watching him smile and giggle watching “Peek-A-Boo” is the cutest thing ever! He’s also in love with the character Ba-Ba Black Sheep. Watching these fun and learning videos are apart of our daily routine. Keep up the great work!

  21. Hi there,
    Will there ever be a Stan the Monster plush toy? My daughter loves him!

  22. My son becomes addicted to these Nursery rhythms, he is 2 years old, and he likes the ducks and the panda.
    Thanks a lot for this precious site. All is wonderful , the rhythms, colours, and characters .

  23. Thanks for producing these as my baby remains in peace while seeing them 🙂

  24. You are missing Johnny from this list of characters. He is the naughty boy who eats sugar (Yes Pa Pa!) and dumps the cat in the well (in Ding Dong Bell)!

  25. hi i live in united states, do you offer small ceramic/hard plastic characters for cake toppers? I need to get some for my son’s birthday coming up, and if you do how long does it take to get them? thank you.

  26. since when little baby bum started

  27. i love little baby bum
    my sister eats with little baby bum
    my question where u sittuated?

  28. Hi, I am based in India. When will the UK version be out for the plush toys? Eg. Zed and not zee

  29. Hello I am from Karachi, Pakistan. my one year old daughter just love your rhymes, she dances along with her favourite characters and songs. i want to buy her the signature star is it available in karachi? I simply appreciate your work.

  30. Hi .. I am Sandip from Mumbai (India). My 7 month old daughter loves all your songs and charterers. She has her own favorites. I want to know whether the toys are available in India. I would love to buy them all. Thanks for creating such a wonderful educational cum entertaining videos.

    • they’re shipping worldwide so you’re able to purchased them today. over time they will become available in retailers worldwide too

  31. Will LBB be available in other languages … French for example?

    • yes! it’s available right now in (English), Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and German. French and Japanese are coming out in around 4 to 6 weeks from now

  32. Do you think you can take requests for videos? And also, maybe add a background to each character too? Thanks!

  33. Hi!
    I’m from argentina, but nowadays i live in Brasil. My baby Lucas loves LBB especially the red robot! Congrats! Your product is excellent !
    I really want to buy the red robot for his 1 year bday! I hope we have de red robot toy soon!

  34. Can you please make a peluche of the Green Monster?

  35. Why is Johnny not in the characters? Even his sister, Little Bo Peep, the red robot, and Humpty Dumpty are missing!

  36. My son having been watching LBB since he was 2month. It’s the only show he watches and he is now 9 1/2 month. The only thing that calms him down when he’s upset or sad is when I say “3 little kitten”. His whole body would wiggle and giggle and you can see the biggest smile anyone can ever see. He can be crying and screaming his lungs out but as soon as the video comes on its like an instant mute button. Thank you for such great video. We can’t wait for the rest of the characters to come out. We plan on purchasing every characters…especially the kitten and rabbits it’s his favorite. Waiting patiently for them to come out. Please keep me posted on when those are coming out.
    Thank you!!!

    • aww, lovely! we hope to be adding more and more characters over time. We’ve already seen a prototype for one of the kittens (she looks great). As yet there’s no release schedule coming from the toy company but when we know we’ll let all our fans know too!

  37. Hello, my daughter Mia loves Little Kitten and all of the other characters! I would like to buy the Little Kitten plush toy for her 1st birthday if it’s available. Could you please let me know and where to buy?

  38. My son loves your videos, he has been watching them since he was about 6 months old. He has been going to therapy for developmental delays and just recently began “singing” along with the songs, waving at the trains, bathing like the monkey in the bath song, and so much more.

    Are the trains planned on being made into a toy anytime soon? And which nursery rhymes are played in the toys currently available? Thank you so much!

    • what a wonderful and heart warming story! thank you for sharing that with us; it genuinely drives us on to create more and more videos 🙂

      As to your question; I would imagine a toy train coming in the future. I’m not sure when this would be but I would hazard a guess at 2017 🙂

  39. hi
    My daughter loves lbb rhymes. I am planning to have these rhymes as her bday theme. Do you guys sell any birthday decorations like foil balloons etc.

    • not yet but we will be doing so. I imagine they won’t be available until next year though as we’re launching toys (just launched), books and clothes first 🙂

  40. I am waiting desperately for LBB books and characters. Please bring them soon in the market and make it available on Amazon or your website.
    It will be best gift for my cute little nephew.

  41. We Need A Johnny Plush Toy and We would love to see his autobiography! =] #teamjohnny

  42. My daughter (nearly 2 years) loves watching these songs a lot. I also hope that the characters toys will come soon. Thanks to your channel, she knows singing before talking. Yet can she count from 1 to 30 and doing more exercises like: clap your hands, head shoulder knees and toes, etc.

  43. Just found your site by accident and would love to recommend it to some friends. I am not a mom so
    Can you tell me the appropriate age range for your

  44. i hope the characters come soon : D

  45. i think many characters are missing like johny and his family , marry, old mother hubard, the robot and one of the duck can be added the one with umbrella and there is a boy who looks like jacus but has golden hairs (the boy who lived down the street ) the prince in twinkle star,the bear and the penguin

  46. hi my sister loves lbb she forced me to download the lbb app in my phone she is watching lbb scince she was 8 months (now 2and a half yrs)

  47. Hello, my baby loves incy wincy the spider and all the other characters.I would like to buy incy wincy toy for his first birthday if its available Could you please let us know and where to buy?

    Thanks in advance,

  48. Hi LBB! my Baby Sister Love It!!! I Have a question,Why Johnny is not in the characters,Even her sister,little boo peep,the red robot,&humpty dumpty.But Anyway, we love it, more Power,LBB!

  49. my baby sister love it! she likes mia & puppy bingo because they so cute.we watching it in our smart is a HD nursery rhyme.And her Favorite song is Wind the bobbin up.thanks for making nursery rhymes,LBB.

  50. My little boy just love the buses. I wish to give him a Bus on his birthday at Jul.
    So, when will the toys come?

    • Hello and thank you for your question! The initial plush toy launch features 6 characters: Mia, Baa Baa, Twinkle, Baby Panda, Cow and Pig. The bus is coming later in the year (alas not before July). The bus has taken longer to create due to its shape. We’ve seen prototypes and they look great but they’re some time off from being available.

  51. Our daughter loves watching little baby bum videos. Her favourite is the colour train. Can’t wait for the toys to come out.

  52. My son started watching these videos at 2 1/2 months , he’s now 4 months it’s the only thing he watches. As soon as he sees the beginning of the video he immediately smiles. He loves them! & so do I since they are also educational.

  53. Tiffany Snipe-Smith

    Oh so some characters are missing! My guy loves the kittens and mice! Im ready for the toys!! Any time frame of release date!??

  54. My daughter will be 1 in July. She loves little baby bum videos. Will you be having any birthday party themed items available any time soon?

  55. The character list in not complete. Whats the name of the girl in yellow and pigtails?

    I miss alot of others to

    • so far we have the main ones but are always adding. That girl is Polly. She features in lots of our videos. Twinkle Twinkle v3, Polly Put The Kettle On, Miss Polly Had A Dolly, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, here We Go Looby Loo and Open Shut Them

  56. very easy method to for my baby

  57. My 5-month old baby loves watching Little Baby Bum on Youtube. It makes her day everytime she hears those nursey ryhmes and sees her favorite characters. I and my 13-year old daughter love it too. I’m thinking of making LBB as her 1st Birthday theme in October 2016. Though could’nt find the right resources yet. Looking forward for more videos from you soon.

  58. Hi,

    My baby loves LBB! She specifically loves LBB the red robot. Is this toy going to be available in the US as well?

  59. Will the toys be available at Philippines? ?

    • hi! initially they’ll be available in US – but there will be worldwide shipping so we’ve been told by the toy company

      • Hi there
        We are an Aussie family who have been saved by LBB videos. I couldn’t get anything done around the house if it wasn’t for your videos! My 10 month old daughters face lights up at the sound of twinkle star jumping across the screen at the beginning of the vids. (Although they send me a little nutty when I’m sleep deprived I must admit) We have you guys on in every room and in the car. Hopefully we can get some plush toys shipped down under!

  60. Hi , My angel is nine months and from three months she love the LB songs. Her favorites are Twinkle little star and Itsy bitsy spider. I need the toys before her birthday. I am in the US.

    • They will be available in the US well in time. Please complete this (very) short form and we’ll contact you when they’re here!

      • my baby loves this videos knows every personage of the videos i would love to buy the toys for him. Please let us know whenever they are available in U.S.

        • they’ll be available very soon! April 2016. Shipping from US – with other destinations being added in the summer (although international shipping will also be available from day one)

          • Yay for this! I’ve been stalking your site for a while hoping to find out when the toys will be available. My twins have been watching your videos since the time they were about two months old (they are 8 months old now). In many ways, your video compilations have been a lifesaver, as they keep one baby happily entertained while I tend to the other (especially useful at bath time). And when they are fussy or unhappy (due to teething, vaccines, etc.) LBB never fails to make them smile. I even purchased some of your videos to have them handy for offline viewing during an upcoming transatlantic flight. So, thanks for the help, and keep up the good work. 🙂

          • Thank you for your lovely message! And thanks for purchasing one of our videos too! 🙂

            The toys will be out very soon – hopefully before the end of April. We’re updating anyone who completes this (very) short form – so you will find out as soon as the toys are available. Initially toys will be available in US (but we’ve been told by the toy company that there’ll be worldwide shipping) – as the year progresses the toys will be available in more places. 🙂

  61. My 9 month old loves LBB. His favorite is the hickory dickory dock mouse and the cow. When will the toys come? Any dates?

    • Hello! yes the toys are coming soon (few weeks) – they will first be available in US but worldwide shipping will be available according to the toy company

  62. There aren’t enough words to describe how much my 15 month old daughter loves LBB! She already recognizes all the characters and plays peekaboo with the kittens! She’s being raised bilingual and LBB is a great learning tool! We are from Brazil, and I would be so happy to purchase her some LBB toys! Will that be available for international shipping too?? Her 2nd bday party will be LBB themed if we can get some merchandises!

    • How cute! The toys will initially be launched in US but international shipping will be available I believe. As for party goods; yes we would love to have something here as we’re constantly asked for these! We’re working on it 🙂

  63. Is old macdonald Ricky gervais?

  64. My two years old son and i, love your videos. Especially the songs! Wow. The voice, the harmony… Its very nice. But in other videos, you used animal character that’s not proper to the song. Like pig ang cow on the city or in the bus?

  65. I think my 16 month old daughter’s favourite has to be Twinkle. She says hello to her at the beginning of every video and gets super excited about videos that feature Twinkle.


  67. I have a 23 month old autistic son and these videos are the best thing we’ve found for him. He loves them! All of a sudden he’s showing emotions on his face and mimicking the the songs and characters movements. These are things we’ve never seen him do before. Thank you so mhuch for creating these amazing educational videos.

    • that’s fantastic to hear your son making such fantastic progress. it’s very humbling. thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

  68. My 2 year old daughter is learning a lot from the nursery rhymes. She’s very entertained by them too. It’s so cute to see her dance & sing along. Great job!! Ya’ll should sell shirts, etc. with the characters on them. I’d certainly purchase some for my daughter.

  69. Our 18 month old son loves the videos. Far better quality than most out there just got on mailing list for merchandise (toys posters etc) when they come out. Hopefully soon!!

  70. my son just love the kittens… some info bout them would be great
    cheers ?

  71. My Harper has loved LBB since she was a month old. She is now 6 months & loves it even more. Thanks keep up the great work. I did purchase the app, though I’m not impressed with it.

  72. I subscribe this channel:-)

  73. Do you have karaoke songs?O:-)

  74. Your toys become avilable?:-(

  75. I have my dog pugs so very cute!!!!!!!!! And friendly such like bingo

  76. So sweet and cute…

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